To help you choose a driving instructor, It would be useful to outline the system of assessing and grading driving instructors. All ADIs [Approved Driving Instructors] are periodically checked to make sure their teaching is up to standard and meets certain criteria. These periodic checks are called Standards Checks.

If their teaching meets the standards required they will be graded either A or B. A is the highest grading and the latest available figures show that only 605 [0.01%] out of all 42,934 instructors have achieved the coveted Grade A.

How will you know what grade an instructor is? Just ask. It’s that straightforward. Any conscientious, professional instructor will be happy to discuss this with you. And ask them to show you proof of their latest Standards Check.

At FDA, more than 50% of our instructors have the Grade A , also all of our instructors are regularly CRB checked and are all fully qualified [we only use experienced, qualified ‘Green Badge’ holders, not inexperienced trainee instructors who must display a triangular pink badge].

All training is delivered on a one-to-one basis and is tailored to suit each person, using the latest coaching techniques.

Text us 24/7, with your name, postcode and driving experience and we’ll do the rest. Connectivity is 24/7, so whether it’s 06h42 on a Monday or 21h27 on a Sunday, just send us a text and we’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.